Submission Guidelines

What I’m Looking For

Letters to Lost Friends
These letters can be any length you choose, and should be written to someone you consider a lost friend. You can define “lost” and “friend” anyway you want. If you feel that the letter is appropriate to the sentiment of the podcast, then I’m happy to present it.

Friend of the Day
This segment allows us to honor someone who is currently in our lives and is a way to say to them “hey, you’re cool!” These should be between 250 – 500 words.

Please note that the anonymity of the writer and “receiver” of the letter is entirely up to you. You do not have to have your name associated with the letter. The only condition I will require is that if you would like the “receiver” of the letter’s name to be included in the letter, you must include your own.

How You Should Submit

Send your letter in the body of an email to

Do not send as an attachment!! I will delete all emails with attachments without reading them!

Let me know how you want to be credited on the podcast. Again, you can choose to be anonymous if you want.

If you want to do your own reading of your letter, simply submit your letter using the guidelines outlined above, and let me know that you are interested in sending me an audio file. Do not send the audio unsolicited, as I will delete, without reading them, all email with attachments. After I receive your submission, I will email you a different address to send the audio file. As long as the audio file is of a decent quality and easily understood by listeners, I will add it to the show.

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